Southern Magic

Raven Hall, North Yorkshire

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There was a time when Addison Pickering believed in true love. She also believed that Harper would be her best friend until the day she died, but that was before she lost her true love to Harper. Addi packed up her beliefs that day along with a few tokens in an old steamer trunk in the attic, alongside Mae’s bizarre collection of buckets. She stayed in Chapel Falls, raising her daughter alone, content in the life she had made for herself... Until the day that Harper came back to town.

Harper Sinclair would never be able to make up for the pain she caused Addi when they were young and foolish, but she had to try. Because while she would never be able to erase the past, she could try to set things right. She’d waited a long time for the strength and clarity that swept over her the moment her grandmother, Delia, passed away. And maybe in giving Addi back her dreams, Harper would be free to pursue her own.

Mae had made so many mistakes she'd lost count in her early twenties. In her relentless pursuit of a man who was never meant to be hers, she betrayed her one true friend. Realizing her own stubborn mistakes at last, Mae would not sit back and watch Addi throw away both love and friendship. And she wouldn’t have to, because the bees were coming...

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