Two Rabbits

Saturday, 13 May 2017

I saw the Russian Proverb, below, on someone’s Facebook the other day. I can’t really remember whose. It doesn’t matter; what matters is that it hit home for me.

As you probably already know, I have ADHD. This means that in addition to being a hot mess, I get bored easily and have a very short attention span. I have pretty much the same attention span as a doughnut. It also means that I have at least 3 projects on the go at any one time—and those are just writing projects! And, I have a multitude of crafts that I do.

I write and edit for The Pink Heart Society, I write fiction, I write for my website, I coach cheerleading, I have 2 young children, and I have a full time (rather demanding) job. It could definitely be said that I have taken on more than I can chew.

That’s not to say that I don’t get everything done. I get most things done—in a last-minute, blind-panic sort of way. Lately, though, I have found that I seem to be taking little chunks out of lots of projects (craft and writing), but getting nowhere with any of them. I’m chasing two rabbits. Or more likely 22.

The one thing that seems to get neglected the most is my fiction and with the deadline for submission in the RNA New Writer’s Scheme creeping closer day by day, I really need to fix that. Should that be the rabbit I chase?

The truth is, I will never be able to chase only one rabbit. I’m just not wired that way. I am happiest, not to mention calmest, when I have more than one project to bounce between. If one gets boring, I simply swap! Of course, I can’t keep running between this many projects or I won’t get any of them finished.

It’s time to cut back a bit and get more organised. 

I can’t really drop my job or kids. I can’t quit coaching—besides, I really enjoy it. I think the main ways I can cut back are to limit my crafting. Notice, I’m not saying I won’t craft at all. I’m just not going to worry so much about developing Once Upon a Time Gifts just yet. I’m making things for a fair I’m attending in a few weeks, but I’m not setting up the website or Etsy shop until I have dropped some of my other commitments.

As for writing and editing, I would never be able to give these up— I am a writer, always have been. To stay on top of these commitments, I will have to get more organised. I am going to start scheduling my writing time and most importantly, I am going to assign certain tasks to certain times. For example, If I breakdown how much time I need to spend on each task (and stay off of Facebook!), I should have no problem keeping on top of things.

How about you? Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Have you found a way to get everything done without losing your mind? I’d love to hear about how you tackle your busy life in the comments below.

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