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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Following on last week’s post about my trying to do too many things at once, I have had a look at where I spend most of my writing time. I enjoy all of the writing and editing that I do and each serves its own purpose.

PHS allows me to work with ladies I love, writing about topics I love, while networking and building a platform.

This site allows me a place to chat and introduce myself to potential readers, also platform building, but without the large audience I can reach at PHS.

Writing fiction feeds my soul. I am truly happiest when I am exploring the lives and loves of my characters.

None of these is eating up a huge amount of time, but my website does tend to get a bit more attention at times than my fiction. This isn’t really great considering my NWS deadline is creeping closer by the day. 

Because of my need to finish my WIP and synopsis for submission in August, I have decided to relax a bit here. I will continue to post, but more when I have something I want to say or report, instead of every week just because. I will continue doing reviews as often as possible (if not every month than every other), though, because I love reviewing and I hope when I am publishing others do the same for me. 

But until the end of August, when my WIP has been submitted to the RNA New Writers Scheme, I need to focus more on finishing that, so if I disappear here and there or am not posting as often, please don’t worry or lose interest. I’m still here—writing—and striving to have my first book finished by deadline. 

Wish me luck!

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