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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

1935 Portable Underwood Typewriter
Randolph, my 1935 Portable Underwood Typewriter

I have enjoyed posting anything and everything on my web site christykatemckenzie.com (CKM), for many years now, but as I start to look more seriously at my writing career, I am thinking it may be time to move in a different direction. 

If you are one of my (pitifully few) readers, the first thing you have probably noticed is that in the last couple of weeks I have given the site a major overhaul. I love this new look, so I was really excited to roll it out. That said, there may still be a few bugs, so please be patient.

As an aspiring author, trying to do things right on my path to publishing, it has occurred to me that this site should be more geared to writing. The thing is, I have long wanted to write a lifestyle blog, as well. About the time I stopped writing for About.Com, I discovered that I missed it and a regular blog would be a good way to fill the void.

My forty-first birthday was this year. It was also the birth of This New Chapter (TNC). On this new blog, I will write about things that make me happy. Simple pleasures. And, I hope, some of these things will make my readers happy, too. 

This New Chapter will be a mainstream blog. I will be spending more time working on SEO ranking and growing my audience on this blog. I do hope that eventually I will be able to find ways to supplement my income with TNC, so that I will be able to slowly shift from my ‘real job’ to writing full time.

On This New Chapter I will post weekly about things that I love—books, wine, crafts, recipes, make up, fashion… And just in case my readers here, on CKM, don’t follow TNC each month, I will publish my favorite TNC post on CKM. I will also post once a month on CKM, but I will keep posts writing related.

Now, back to writing… Here’s to new beginnings and to This New Chapter of my writing career.

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