Spring has sprung...

Friday, 18 March 2016

... or it will. Honestly. I'm sure Spring is almost here...

I know it isn't technically Spring yet, but I am just so tired of Winter. Earlier this month I changed all of my web decor to a Spring theme in defiance of the sub-zero temperatures that were still plaguing us. At the time I was also plagued with both a sinus infection and bronchitis (apparently, I multi-task EVERYTHING).

Antibiotics took care of the illness (although I have started with sinus again this week-- urgh!), but the dreary weather stayed. It's still cold. With any luck, it will start to look warmer soon-- yesterday the sun was shining. It's a start.

Taken in Liverpool during my class.

Earlier this month I took a photography class. I have a fabulously expensive camera for taking action shots for my part-time job, but I don't really know how to use it. Or I didn't, until that class. I understand so much more now. I bring this up because one of our favorite warm weather activities is taking long family walks, usually in local parks or woods (this year I want to go to the beach, too) and now I can't wait for it to warm up enough to get the kids out and take some pictures!

So, come on Spring! Hurry up!

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