Camp NaNo Anyone?

Friday, 3 July 2015

It's day 3 of Camp NaNo and I have written a grand total of 0 words. That's right, 0, sadly. Not for lack of wanting to write or even for lack of inspiration; just for lack of energy. It would seem that my anemia is back and since I am in the midst of a massive project at work, Hunter had developed a tolerance to his ADHD medicine, and keeping Scarlett out of trouble is a full-time job on its own, I'm not really surprised. That would also explain why I haven't been posting.

What tipped me off to the thought that it may be time to go back on supplements was last Friday night when DH came up to see if I wanted to watch a movie and I was passed out on the bed fully clothed before 8pm. That for the chick who usually sits up until after midnight writing or reading...

I have taken some time off next week, so fingers crossed that I can get a little more sleep and catch up. I had planned to start a new project for the sake of NaNo (since I am a bit ashamed to list the same novel as last camp-- that's right, it isn't finished), but I have yet to get started. Maybe tonight.

July 1st also marked the beginning of another 100k in 100 Days, so there's that. In my fantasy world, I would finish the earlier project and knock out the majority, if not all of this one. Let's see what I can do in my real world. Anyone else taking part in Camp NaNo? What are you working on?

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