Friday, 3 April 2015

I have struggled all day to think about what to write in this post. In all honesty, this has been one of those weeks where I feel like I have been used and abused. I haven’t felt terribly ‘inspired’ much at all. That said, I did sign up for Camp NaNo, and two days in, so far, so good. I accredit that to the fact that I am enjoying my WIP, so maybe that story is inspiring. 

Inspiration is a funny thing, isn’t it? As writers, we talk about finding inspiration in the world around us and fighting with our muse and at least another hundred hints at inspiration. But what really inspires us to sit down at the desk, or table, or whatever and start writing? And what inspires the stories, themselves?

My inspiration to write comes mostly from dreams—wishes, really—of a simpler time when I can go for a run in the middle of the day and spend more time doing the things that I love, like hanging out with the kids… and dare I say it… coloring. Seriously, I bought myself a new set of coloring pencils and three grown-up coloring books on Amazon yesterday. Already, I am loving the quiet and calm of it.

My inspiration for writing, that is my inspiration for making up stories, comes again from my dreams, but this time it is more like daydreams. I love mending hearts and friendships, finding love, creating happily ever afters. Yep, I’m a true sap. Not that I don’t give my characters a helluva hard time getting to their happy ending, but I just love the feeling of being cozy and content. I love small towns and everyday magic. I love… love.

My current batch of WIPs (yes, there is always more than one on the go) are a mix of romance and magical realism, all set in small towns, and all with a coziness to them. To me, the feeling is like that of curling up under a hand-sewn quilt with a cup of Sleepytime Tea. Bliss.

The inspiration to write for me, right now at least, it is the knowledge that I have come in terribly short in the 100k in 100 Days challenge and that I have another chance, so to speak, with Camp NaNo. I also find myself pinning pictures to my WIP boards on Pinterest and reading stories similar to what I aspire to write in bed before I go to sleep. I also like to mock up covers and pictures with quotes.

I dream of when I can spend my days in yoga pants and slippers (to be fair, I do spend most of my day in slippers—I hate wearing heels around my office) and write to my heart’s content. And take afternoon runs—or naps, if I so please. And just be content.

What inspires you to write? And what inspires your stories?

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