Peace, Love, and Fishiness

Friday, 27 March 2015

Happy Friday, everyone!

Here are the 4 Things that are making me happy right now:

1. It's Friday!!!
I feel the need to celebrate, because this has been one of those weeks where I thought Friday would never come.Work is a challenge (one I love, but still), this kids have been fully of energy (and I have been sadly lacking), and DH has been working away a lot (I'm probably not cut out for single parenting).

2. I Escaped (for an hour)!
DH came home in the early hours of this morning. He has been getting home late each evening, well after the kids are in bed and sometimes after I am in bed, but some nights he has to stay away since the site he is managing is about a 6 hour drive from home. He still had to work today, but then he came home and he took over. I got to go out by myself-- no kids!

3. There's Peace in the House!
DH made a pit-stop at Toys 'R Us on the way home today. And now, I am sitting in peace and quiet as the little one sleeps and he plays Legos with the not-so-little one downstairs. It is awesome. I love my family, more than anything, but right now I am loving the only chance I've had all week to get a little 'me time'. Tomorrow, I will be exercising a little more self-love. I'm getting my nails done. Squee!

4. I Got New Fish!
When I escaped the house alone earlier, under the guise of going to pick up a take-away, I stopped off at one of my favorite places in the world-- the fish shop! I picked up a Siamese goby and a wrasse. They are lovely. There is just something incredible about sitting back in my desk chair and gazing over at my fish while they swim in and out of the holes in the live rock. Bliss.

So, what is making you happy right now?

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