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Friday, 20 February 2015

I read a fantastic blog post which I found on Pinterest today that is talking about the one story you just can’t walk away from, even if it doesn’t work. It got me thinking about my own stories… 

I have this one WIP which I really love the idea of. The problem is, I have buried myself in so much expectation that I can’t seem to find my way out. I want the story to be spectacular and I worry about not doing it justice. It has become really special to me over the years that I have been toying with it. And, of course, my best friend told me the other night that she wishes I'd hurry up because she's been waiting to read it for years. No pressure there.

If you have read pretty much any of my blogs about writing, you will know that I suck at sticking to one story. I usually blame my ADHD (which I do think has a lot to do with my flight-y-ness), but late last year I talked myself into believing that maybe there is more to it than that. Maybe this story isn’t ready to be written. Maybe I am relying too heavily on the current story and need to look in another direction. Maybe… you get the point.

Again, I made the story bigger than it had to be. I romanticized it to the point where it became The Great American Novel. This story has been around for a long time in various versions. At one point the story didn’t even slightly resemble the current version. In fact, at one point I decided that the plot wouldn’t work, but I liked the characters, so I kept them and a few tiny threads of the story and started over. 

The new story is so much stronger, but even still it keeps growing out of control. Every night when I sit down to it I learn more about it. The big problem now is that I have a huge, long-winded, rambling plot. Which also means my word count for 100k is suffering. 

So, I am going to try to tame it tonight. If the kids don’t kill me first. The little one has been out for blood since I got home. No matter what, I need to get on with it at some point, right?

Do you have a story that you just can't shake?

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