Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

It’s Valentine’s Day!! I have to admit, I haven’t held out much hope for Valentine’s this year. Mostly because between the terrible twos and the unbelievable attitude of the seven-year-old my other half and I barely speak about anything not kid/discipline related.  

He did well, though. He got me fantastic laptop desk, because I like to write in bed, which he gave me when it first came. He also surprised me this morning with a waffle maker! I cannot even begin to explain how badly I have wanted a waffle maker. 

Even though I have been up since 6:30 with the kids (who I have threatened to ground at least 40 times already), the strawberry and Nutella waffles with whipped cream have put me in a lovey mood. So much that I have been thinking about trying to finish the first draft of Valentine Bride, finally.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have decided to post the opening scene of the first draft. 
Hope you enjoy it. 

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