2015-- Hell Yeah!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Well, we're are nearly a month into 2015 and I am pleased to say that so far it has been sooo much better than 2014. Years ago, I used to dedicate Fridays to '4 Things'. These posts listed 4 things that made me happy right at that very moment. I think all of this happy means I have to resurrect the 4 Things posting...

4 Things That Make Me Happy RIGHT NOW

1. I absolutely love my new job and my new team at work. They are all hard-working and fun! I am really passionate about the project I am working on-- that in itself makes going to work everyday a pleasure. Add to that the fact that it takes half the time to get there and half the gas... what's not to like?

2. I have gotten free of some of the people and things that caused me drama and grief in 2014. Right now my life is filled with people and things that bring me joy-- especially my kids who are happily playing as I write this. I am making time for friends. I even have a handful of mothers that I chat with in the morning when I drop my oldest off at school.

3. I have found more time to write since Jan 1st that I found in probably all of 2014. Maybe it isn't so much that I have found time, but that I have made time for the things that make me, me. I still need to find time to run, so far this month I have made time to knit, sew, talk on the phone to my best friend, read, and write.

4. And speaking of reading... Sarah Addison Allen's First Frost showed up 'magically' on my Kindle a couple of days ago! Not only have I been waiting for this book, reading it has given me even more motivation to write the book I want to write. And on the nights when I come home from work tired and near-catatonic, there is nothing I look forward to more than to hug a cup of tea and lose myself in Sarah Addison Allen's beautiful writing.

So, there you have it. The 4 Things that are making me happy right now. What's making you happy?

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