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Monday, 11 August 2014

Does anyone else find that sticking to rules and/or punishments is seriously hard work? I know how important it is to have rules and structure-- especially in my house-- but honestly, sometimes it is just exhausting trying to follow through with it all. I find that with all I need to get done and remember every day, remembering not to let Hunter watch TV or have a sweet is just too much.

He has been seriously naughty this week. Seriously. His punishments are written down. We have a family white board in the kitchen that my hubby tends to use for this purpose, but still I forget. I am wondering if the way forward isn't to take things away, but to make him do chores instead. Kind of like '5 chores sets you free'. He hates chores, so it would be punishment. It would be over faster and easier to enforce. But would it be effective? And, most importantly, would I have to stand around telling him to get on with it? I'd say the last one is a definite.

What is the best way to punish for bad behavior these days? Is there a better alternative to the good old period of restriction? What do you do when your little monsters get out of hand?

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