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Friday, 29 August 2014

I have gotten behind. Things have been crazy as usual, so I haven't taken the time to post. Hopefully the end of the madness is near.

School starts back next Wednesday. Exciting!  In fact, the next three Wednesdays are going to be exciting. This week it is Hunter's first day at his new school (the one minutes from our house--finally no more driving to school). He is really excited. I am looking forward to walking him to school for a change.

The week after is my 39th birthday. Wow. And yuck! It'll be okay, though. I am planning to take the day off work and get my hair and nails done. Who knows, I might even get a massage.

The third Wednesday, I have an interview for the job I am just desperate to have. It has everything I want-- research, training,  mental health, creating partnerships, project management,  line management-- and it's only about a 15 minute drive from home. Right now I drive 45 minutes to an hour. I want it so bad.

I still might miss a post or two, but I will keep you posted on what happens each week. Hopefully soon I will get back to posting regularly and about interesting topics.

Until then, here is something to get you excited-- Sarah Addison Allen announced that the sequel to Garden Spells, First Frost, will be out in January!! Yaaayyy!!!!! Check out the trailer here:

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