Back & Forth, Again

Monday, 4 August 2014

Today, I know what a tennis ball feels like. You know, the constant back and forth, the volley.

We had an appointment with the pediatrician who is taking over my son's care (the other one has taken up a new post) and it looks like we are back to being volleyed around. We have seen so many 'specialists' and heard so many 'I think it's...' that I am exhausted. The first said 'ADHD'. The next said, 'not ADHD, depression'. Then it was 'not depression, ASD, certainly ASD'.

For six months now we have been working off of a verbal diagnosis of ASD. Trying different strategies, hoping something would work. Today, the new doctor said it isn't ASD. Seriously? She thinks it is more to do with emotional imbalance and sadness. Seriously?

Now, I don't want my child labelled (I had only finally, after quite a bit of fight, come to terms with his being 'autistic'), but I wish we could at least get a little closer to what is going on. The closer we get, the more we could help him. Instead, it just feels like as soon as we are referred to a new specialist we are sent down another winding path.

God, I wish someone would figure out what is going on with my gorgeous, sweet, boy. It's a shame that each new appointment discounts the information from the last one.

Is it wine time yet?

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