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Monday, 14 July 2014

I am typing this using both my new tablet and my new keyboard case! Yes, I do already have a tablet with a keyboard case, but I wanted another one so I ordered it and it came today.

Why did I want another one? A couple of reasons. My parents bought Hunter a tablet for his birthday and we chose a super-cheap kids tablet in hopes that if he kills it we won't be too upset. The tablet only cost 35.75, so if wouldn't be a major loss.

I was surprised when the tablet came, though. Turns out, it has a better spec that the tablet Steve bought me one Christmas for 199.00! I barely use that tablet for fear of losing it/having it stolen/breaking it/etc. Plus, the keyboard case I bought for it never actually fit it and since it is Bluetooth,it tends to leave out letters.

After playing with Hunter's new tablet for a day or so, I knew that I wanted one. So here we are. This time the case fits perfect and I went for the micro USB keyboard which I am happy to say is working just fine.

I am still having problems with a certain clique at work, so I am thinking of bringing this to work with me and doing my lunch breaks elsewhere so I can escape and write. I have downloaded all of my favorite writing apps-- like Writeometer, Kingsoft Office, Dropbox... Of course, I have also downloaded Pinterest to it, so that probably shoots my productivity to crap.

I have gotten into the habit of writing again, though, so hopefully this new toy will give me more opportunities to write. That is if I can get away from the office for a half hour each day. Fingers crossed!

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