Summer Vacation

Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer vacation has officially started. Unfortunately, I can't get a holiday this year. Instead I will be visiting places via Pinterest and friends' pictures. How about you? Have any good holidays planned?

The trouble with Alphas...

Friday, 25 July 2014

I have two WIPS which are giving me hell right now.

Both are romantic suspense and both are nearly finished. Problem is,  one has been critiqued by an editor at HQN after a partial request (from a pitch contest) and part of the feedback was 'the hero isn't alpha'.

I bloggged on this at the time stating that I don't really like alphas, so I wasn't surprised. I want to polish these up and send them to Entangled, but I am worried I will get the same feedback.

I need help. I could do with a critique partner, too, so I suppose that's my first step. Anyone have any tips on writing alphas? Or anyone know if Entangled will accept beta for suspense?

New Toys!

Monday, 14 July 2014

I am typing this using both my new tablet and my new keyboard case! Yes, I do already have a tablet with a keyboard case, but I wanted another one so I ordered it and it came today.

Why did I want another one? A couple of reasons. My parents bought Hunter a tablet for his birthday and we chose a super-cheap kids tablet in hopes that if he kills it we won't be too upset. The tablet only cost 35.75, so if wouldn't be a major loss.

I was surprised when the tablet came, though. Turns out, it has a better spec that the tablet Steve bought me one Christmas for 199.00! I barely use that tablet for fear of losing it/having it stolen/breaking it/etc. Plus, the keyboard case I bought for it never actually fit it and since it is Bluetooth,it tends to leave out letters.

After playing with Hunter's new tablet for a day or so, I knew that I wanted one. So here we are. This time the case fits perfect and I went for the micro USB keyboard which I am happy to say is working just fine.

I am still having problems with a certain clique at work, so I am thinking of bringing this to work with me and doing my lunch breaks elsewhere so I can escape and write. I have downloaded all of my favorite writing apps-- like Writeometer, Kingsoft Office, Dropbox... Of course, I have also downloaded Pinterest to it, so that probably shoots my productivity to crap.

I have gotten into the habit of writing again, though, so hopefully this new toy will give me more opportunities to write. That is if I can get away from the office for a half hour each day. Fingers crossed!

Parenting Is Expensive

Friday, 11 July 2014

I have one with migraines from lack of sleep (he's basically given up sleep) and one with chicken pox. This could not be more true.

The Great American Novel

Friday, 4 July 2014

You know that post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Jim Carrey and wanting to write THE book, the one that haunts me? Well, don't be fooled by the title of this post-- I don't expect it to be 'The Great American Novel', but I would like to write something of significance, even if only to me. There are three ideas in my head right now that would qualify.

Because I am a dreamer (and a nerd), I have started to make up pretty pictures and mock covers for these to keep the passion alive and just to have something pretty to look at. :) The one I am working on first (only because it feels right) is set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (home). So, for a little Friday Fun, I am posting one of my little inspirational pictures here. Bear in mind, only about 400 words of the book have been written. This is terribly first draft and likely to change, but here it is anyway. Hopefully, by my birthday I will have a blurb and a much better idea of where this story will lead.

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