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Friday, 13 June 2014

So, there's a picture going around Facebook. You know, this one-

This picture, combined with the knowledge that my 87 year old great cousin has asked if I have finally finished a book for her to read, has made me think hard about my aspirations. I am not getting any younger. If I don't start taking chances now, I may never have the chance to.

My cousin's comment made me seriously think about whether I want her to read any of the stories I am working on now. Don't get me wrong, they are good stories, but if I only ever finish one or am known for one, I know which one it should be-- the book that keeps me up at night.

Then, I read another quote-

Now, I have to be honest. I read this, liked it, and totally misquoted it in my mind. Or maybe misinterpreted it. See in my mind, this meant that the reason I was stuck on 2 WIPs was because I needed to get the 3rd, larger one out of the way. Now that I read it again, I wonder if the third idea is fully formed. It does feel as though it is coming together, so maybe this is why I couldn't move on it before now.

Nonetheless, I am going to look into it. It is the book that scares me and I have just enough time to lay the groundwork for it before Camp NaNo and the next 100K in 100 Days Challenge. Right now I feel blocked in the current 'safe' WIPs, I suppose, like Jim Carey says, it's worth giving the dream a go.

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