All The World's A Stage

Monday, 23 June 2014

This morning was a rough one. I am always tired on Monday mornings since I coach 1130-2130 on Sundays. Add to that the fact that DH had to work so I had the kids while I coached and it's safe to say that yesterday was a little more exhausting than my usual Sunday.

Fast forward to leaving the house when Hunter refused to get in the car because Steve backed it in the driveway last night and he had to get close to a bush he was convinced was full of spiders... You get the picture.

I only worked a few hours this morning, because I had a meeting at Hunter's school. Essentially, I had to cram 6 hours worth of work into 3. Fun. Really.

The meeting was with an educational psychologist. I am pleased to report that my little man is getting better, it is just a slow process. We need to address his negativity and his perfectionism.

Now, usually I am quick to look elsewhere for how he inherited traits, but I won't be so quick this time. He gets the perfectionism from me, sadly. And while I am not anywhere near as negative as he has become, I must admit, I can be a bit pessimistic.

The psychologist got me examining my own behaviour and that has me thinking. I need to make sure Hunter knows that it us okay to be less - than - perfect. I need to remember that as well.

She has given me the name of a book to buy (hurry up, payday! ) and in searching for it I found one that might help me as well. It's worth a read, anyway.

Another thing that stuck out today was my need to set a better example. The ASD is never going to go away, so I need to find better ways of dealing with it. Children learn their behaviour from their parents. Lately, I haven't been much of a role model.

Yes, all the world is a stage. And the most important audience members are those little ones at the front.

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