What Happened To Monday?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I missed my Monday Mommy post because, quite frankly, the family wore me out. Monday was a bank holiday here, which meant we were all home. We decided to go on a long (like 2 hour long) walk through the woods-- which was awesome-- and follow it with a drink, dinner, and dessert from the beautiful pub minutes from our house-- also awesome. 

After we got home, I put Bug to bed and decided to curl up and read a chapter before getting to work writing. That was the last thing I remember. Not only did I fall asleep at 7:30 at night, I slept through and so deeply that I didn't hear Bug when she woke up screaming TWICE! DH had to get up to deal with her!!


I think a deep sleep like that has been way overdue. Lately, I have found myself so tired that I am taking B vitamins to try to stay awake. I sleep alright, I guess, but still, come four when I am driving my 40 minutes drive home from work to pick up the kids I find myself yawning and fighting to keep my eyes open. It's scary. 

So, I went to Holland & Barrett and picked up an assortment of herbs which is supposed to help. I think they are helping, at least with the first two-thirds of the day. I seem alert enough at work and through dinner, but once the kids are in bed I am struggling to write. I just want to sleep instead.

This kind of thing is not working for my writing goals, and I have been doing so damn well otherwise.

I have tried everything-- going to bed earlier, coffee, more water, more coffee, and now a garden of 'remedies'. I seriously don't know what else to try. I do know that I would probably be best to write in the morning since I can't stay awake to do it at night anymore. The only problem is that the earlier I get up, the earlier I want to crash at night. And since right now I struggle to get the kids fed and in bed I am afraid if I am ready for bed any earlier I might be the one asleep with my face in a plate of spaghetti!

Anybody out there have any tried and true methods-- lifestyle, diet, I don't care-- for staying up longer?

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