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Monday, 26 May 2014

Today, I bring you a different kind of fiction review. :)

As part of Hunter's school project, he had to make an eBook. Now, some of you might remember that he decided a while back that writing was his hobby. Sadly, he has only written one short story since then. He still struggles with focus.

He also struggles with confidence, so this was a fantastic project for him. He got to write one very short story (and he does enjoy story-telling, he just isn't fond of the work that goes into writing it down and editing it) and illustrate it (he's no Picaso, but who cares). I think we were probably supposed to turn in a Word file or PDF, but I decided to take it a little farther.

When I was 6, I wrote, illustrated, and bound (hardback) a book at school as an assignment. I was so proud to be 'published'. So, I thought the best way to commemorate Hunter's first book, also at age 6, was to publish it. Of course, these days that wasn't a case of sewing pages together and gluing fabric to cardboard; these days that meant Kindle Direct Publishing!

In I dove. It took 2 days and countless emails to Amazon support, but finally it is done (admittedly, I never did get the formatting quite right, I will have a go at fixing it later, but I can't stand the thought of it after 6 different uploads).

As it turns out, publishing it was a great idea because his Grammie in North Carolina (my mom) was able to but a copy! She is going to give a copy to my niece and nephew as a gift, so that'll be two more sales. My hubby bought a copy and a dear old friend of mine has also bought one.

So far, Hunter has earned 26p in the UK store and $1.40 in the US store. He just might end up with enough for a candy bar when the royalty check comes in! Of course, he is convinced he is going to get rich and give me half (if only).

But whether he makes £2 or £200, the bottom line is that he is very proud of his work and now has something to cherish forever. Any money he earns will be a good lesson in working and earning. And I have a lot to learn about formatting if I am ever going to upload one of mine...

You can check out his book, Louie And The Giant Lobster on Amazon!

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