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Monday, 21 April 2014

It's Easter Monday and my to-do list is taller than I am! There's my laundry and the kids laundry (especially getting Hunter's school uniforms washed and ironed). There's writing for About.Com (which I am starting to get the hang of). And the kids want to go to the park, which I'm up for after my camera gets here.

I have bought a stupidly expensive camera to shoot the pictures for About.Com. I need something that will catch stunts and dance in motion, so I had to find a professional camera. I was worried that it would come tomorrow when I am back at work, but I got a text today saying it would be delivered today. Apparently, DHL works on Easter Monday. Who knew?

So, today I will be working my butt off. If not now, then certainly after the kids are in bed. I need to get the About.Com stuff finished for the month and plan next month's articles. I would like a little time to work on my WIPs, but let's see if I am still coherent when the rest of the work is done.

In other news, I have an interview for a new job, ten minutes from home with more opportunity, next week. I am both excited and scared. I am not sure I want the job and I am waiting to hear about interviews for a further 3 jobs, but I am trying to cut my commute times. My gas will go down, but sadly, my childcare costs will go up, so it doesn't even out much. It will mean less stress commuting and hopefully a chance to start in on the management track. As much as I love my job, there isn't really a chance for advancement. I have been given a part time promotion, but it is only for about another 9 months while a colleague is on maternity leave. After that I take a big step back to my former position. I am too damn old for taking big steps back in my career. It's time to move forward.

There's a bit of a catch up, for ya. I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much as I would like to since I am writing like a mad man for About.Com and trying to keep my head above water everywhere else, but I will try to get back on schedule. Maybe, Friday I will have something more interesting to write about.

We'll see :)

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