Spring is in the air...

Saturday, 15 March 2014

It is dammit! At least it better be. I am so sick of grey days. Now, of course, we haven't been cursed with the mountains of snow that you all have had back home (rumor has it we will be getting snow in April--bleh!), but still it has been cold, rainy, and just... grey. I am forcing spring upon us with my new decor. Hope it brightens your day. Every chance I get to change the header and background of the blog brightens mine. :-)

The weather isn't why I have been skipping posts, though. I have been skipping because I have been working on something SUPER exciting. And doing ridiculous amounts of work, and staying up half the night with a sick toddler... But enough whine-- I have good news coming! Soon. As soon as I have signed a contract and know they can't go back on the deal, lol. No, I haven't sold a book. Not yet at least. But I have accomplished one of my long-time writing goals. I am so excited!

Here is my 2014 Four Focuses Report:

Fitness: I have temporarily cancelled my gym membership (even though I loved going to yoga) because I now have a car payment (Colby, my little, sparkly, blue car with WORKING windshield wipers is worth it), so things aren't amazing on the fitness focus, but I have plans to get back on schedule soon.

Finances: My news includes a new paycheck which will help with finances and I am applying for three jobs closer to home which will also help save on gas. Plus, my council tax and car insurance have gone down a bit, so finances are strained at the moment but still looking up.

Family: I have devoted all of my extra time to my family lately-- they have needed me and what's more, I have needed them. Doing great here!

Fiction: I have been writing, not as much as I'd like to, but something is better than nothing I suppose. I am also rather excited about the prospect of getting a job closer to home because some of the time I spend commuting each day can be used for writing instead-- keep your fingers crossed I get one of them.

So, there you have it. It isn't much of a post, but hopefully I will be back on track after next week (I will be spending all of my time writing personal statements for job applications next week). Now I better go to bed. It is nearly midnight and the sick toddler has already been up once. I could be in for another long night.

Happy writing/reading everyone!

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