Quality, Not Quantity

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

As per the norm, reality has reared his ugly head. My real job, and the part-time stuff I do to make a bit extra each month, will be demanding more of my time for the next few months, maybe more. In an effort to not go back to posting useless drivel or stressed-out whinges, I have decided to only concentrate on posting on Monday and Friday. If I have time on a Wednesday I'll post, but only if I can make it something worth posting. I will be posting here and on my 'work-related' blogs only, cutting back even further to focus on quality, not quantity.

Monday will continue to be more mommy/family posts and I will alternate between fun and fiction on Friday. I hope this 'break' will mean that my posts will be more valuable and entertaining and that I will begin to grow my audience. So, with that I have to go get some paid work done so I will have time to work on my WIP later. See you all on Friday!

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