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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Today has been a long one. Little miss has been hell on wheels all day. I had a committee meeting tonight. I have worked non-stop from the time I got up until now (and I kind of am still working since I have answered about a million texts from work in the last hour.). I am exhausted. As usual.

And as usual, I still haven't written a word on my WIP. I did receive a bit of good news, though. I may be paying off debts sooner than I could ever imagine, so I might have a chance to give up the articles I hate writing and focus more on the fiction. Until then I seem to only be able to spare minutes to think about my writing. And during those minutes, I keep going back to Facebook. Not for distraction, though, more for inspiration. Seriously, nothing lights a fire under my ass more than seeing everyone's shiny new covers. I want a shiny cover of my own :(

So, it is way past time to get to it. I may not get loads done tonight, since I am already tired, but I am going to try to do at least a little. Wish me luck! (By the way, I am typing this on my brand new blue tooth keyboard for my tablet and I must say I am in love! It is awesome!)

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