Wednesday, 29 January 2014

This week, I have battled. Well, not just this week, really. It all started last Tuesday night and has carried on for a week. Unfortunately it has not just been one struggle. There was one with my real job, five with my volunteer coaching (one of which may still have serious repercussions), and one massive one at home which may prove to be my undoing. During it all, the only time I felt truly at peace was while I was writing the measly 815 words of fiction I wrote this week.

I had forgotten that when things got really bad when I was a teen, it was the stories in my head that I turned to for solace. Sure, my characters had struggles, but they always won out in the end. It gave me hope. Back then, I would have rather been writing than doing pretty much anything else. That hasn't changed, really. I certainly would have rather been writing than taking care of sick kids while also being
 sick these last few days. 

So, I suppose the lesson learned is that when things look darkest, I can escape to a world where everything works out in the end. I can choose the hardships my characters face. I can make them similar to mine
 or completely foreign. Most of all, I can help them overcome their struggles. And if I am strong 
and smart enough to find ways to get them out of their dilemmas, 
I am strong and smart enough to find ways to get out of mine.

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