Friday, 3 January 2014

At this very moment, I am reading up on mindfulness. I had a rough day. One that included getting a busted lip from a fight between my kids with a surprisingly heavy flashlight. I need to look into ways to reduce stress and be more 'in the moment'.

Part of the problem was that I was talking on the phone to my mom. Anytime I am on the phone or otherwise distracted, get ready for world war 3. It's like they will do anything to have my undivided attention. But then, they seldom do have it. Thanks to my circus-style life, I rarely just sit down and hang out with my kids.

That is the first thing I am looking at in my focus on Family. I need to ignore distractions and be more mindful of my time with them. God knows, I love them to death. I know the yoga classes I plan to start next week will be a good start, but I am also looking very seriously at meditation and keeping a journal.

Off I go to find some guidance. Have a great weekend!

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