Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Well, Christmas Day is winding down finally. It has been such a long day!

Scarlett was up four times last night-- again-- so, needless to say, I had no interest in getting up this morning. Hunter was up before seven bouncing off the walls and begging to go downstairs. We finally gave in at eight. We got Bug up and changed and called Grammie and Pop Pop on the web cam (it was 3am their time, but they insisted that they watch the kids unwrap their presents this year).

The kids, as usual, were spoiled rotten. It was so much fun watching my little ones open their gifts, especially Scarlett, now that she understands the whole present thing. I forgot how cool that is. She was so excited. Hunter, too, was beyond giddy-- even over the mouthwash in his stocking! He got everything he asked for and much more. I think both of the kids had a great day.

We were spoiled, too. Steve got me lovely fuzzy pj's (I am curled up in now), my favorite perfume, and the mermaid Pandora charm I wanted for my writing bracelet. I got him a Superman onesie, CK Be, and a few other treats. My parents went a bit overboard this year and gave us rather large gift cards to Amazon.

At first I was afraid to spend mine. Well, maybe not afraid, just hesitant. For once, I wanted to get something that really meant a lot to me, I didn't want to rush into getting the first thing I saw. My first purchase came before Christmas-- a blue tooth keyboard case for my tablet. Sadly, although it works wonderfully, it doesn't fit my Xoom 2. Rather than send it back, I ordered a smaller one and gave that one to Steve.

I didn't plan on spending anymore until well after Christmas... of course, then I found myself awake and bored at 4am. I did think about it, though, and I didn't spend all of the rest right then. I have already set myself four goals for 2014. Not resolutions, really, because God knows I never stick to them, just goals. I'll go into detail closer to NYE, but anyway, I spent the rest of my gift card over the next couple of days on things that will help toward each of those goals. I feel good about that. It's like I have already started to prepare.

I would be hard pressed to say what my favorite gift that I received is this year. I am pleased with every one. My favorites for the kids are the gorgeous Ariel Toddler Doll for Scarlett and the 'Write Your Own Storybook' book for Hunter. What was your favorite gift given or received this year?

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