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Monday, 11 November 2013

Seriously. Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder why the hell you got up in the first place? Today has been like that.

First, I struggled to get the kids ready all the while DH leisurely drank his coffee, complained about going to work and the 'long day' he had ahead of him, then headed off on his SIX MINUTE commute.

Long day? I got up at 6am and chopped up the ingredients for a beef stew and loaded it all in the crock pot. Then I got my shower, got dressed, helped Hunter get dressed, made him breakfast, dressed Scarlett, made her breakfast, got both of them dressed to head out the door for the 30 minute drive to get to nursery and a further five minute drive to school. Then at school, the teacher informs me that Hunter isn't responding to the special measures put in place and has been lashing out for frequently. Oh, and parents are coming in to complain regularly. Which, of course, pushed me to tears. After that bomb, I started on my 30 minute drive to work, which was twice as long thanks to a back up on the motorway. And it was grey and rainy and cold.

Work was okay, in spite of my tendencies to start crying at my desk. I couldn't go into clinic because I was afraid to cry in front of my patients (never good when working with any patients, but really bad when working with cancer patients). So, I do my shift with (thankfully) only one doctor witnessing a break down and head to pick up the kids-- Hunter from link club (after school care) and Scarlett from nursery. I race home, praying all the way that the crock pot hasn't burnt the house down, and find that the stew is lovely, but I can't eat yet because I have to feed the kids, bathe Scarlett, and clean the kitchen-- all the while DH who came home only minutes after me gets in his pj's and settles in to watch TV. With both kids in bed, I finally managed to get in my pj's, eat a quick bowl of stew, and complete a database for a research project I am involved in. And now I'm blogging at 10pm. And trying to keep my eyes open.

So as you can imagine, NaNo isn't going so well. :(

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