Weekend Catch Up

Friday, 27 September 2013

Here's to a weekend of catching up on the things I enjoy! I hope-- I know I won't be getting out of bed without my glasses this weekend. That's for sure. ;-) I am looking forward to a weekend of writing (unfortunately, some of that does have to be article notes :( ), reading, bow making, and hanging out with my family.

I want to catch up on my WIP, because I am behind. Yeah, I know, no surprise there. But I'm still focused on it, so even though I am behind it isn't the worst thing ever. I am desperate to get it done before Halloween, though, because the WIP that I started for NaNoWriMo last year is Halloween-themed and I REALLY want to finish it this NaNo.

I also want to read more-- I am in the middle of Speaking of Love by Ophelia London and I really want to get back to it. Plus, I have some parenting books checked out from the library that I want to finish. As for bow making, I have a few Halloween Orders to fill and I am working on stock for the KAC Christmas Fair. Today, I picked up some Christmas ribbons and I am looking forward to playing with them. I love making bows, so I don't really need an excuse.

Finally, and definitely most important (saving the best for last), Hunter has a football game and after we are picking up 'the Nemos'-- our two new clownfish which Hunter has named Scooby and Shaggy (the blue damsels already in the tank are Fred, Daphne, & Velma). Not only do I plan to read lots of stories to them and color loads, I want to see if I can convince DH to play a few rounds of Scooby Doo Clue with Hunter and I tonight.

So, that's my weekend, if I can fit it all in. What are you up to?

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