Monday, we meet again...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Honestly, I am starting to think there is nothing worse than Monday mornings. The knowledge that not only do I have to get up and dressed, I also have to get the monsters up and dressed is enough to make me crawl under the covers for good. Add to that the fact that winter is undeniably on it's way-- in other words, it was stupidly cold this morning-- and I just have no interest in getting up. But I have to. So, I did.

Today, I am trying something different. Today Scarlett started nursery on Mondays. She usually goes Tuesdays half a day and Thursdays a full day, but having her home I find I cannot accomplish anything these days. I decided to see if putting her in for the day would mean I could write my necessary articles for the week in one go and make myself enough money to cover the extra fees and get bills paid off a bit quicker. Also, less writing at night means more time with the family. I'd like to say its going good so far. Kind of.

So far, I have done the notes for five articles and even written and submitted one. Then the submission site went down. Yeah. So, I am pausing to write this, because I don't really have time to write anymore articles today-- part of the football kit in the dryer (need to find the rest of it), need to get to the store to get food for tonight, blah, blah, blah... If I had done the notes BEFORE today (they are on my to-do list for Sundays) I would have had no trouble completing three, four, or even all five.

I'm not giving up, though. I'm going to pack my notes and my computer in case I have any time around the store, nursery pick-up, school pick-up, football, or coaching. Otherwise, looks like I'll be writing until late tonight. That will teach me to leave the notes until Monday.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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