Weekend Catch Up

Friday, 27 September 2013

Here's to a weekend of catching up on the things I enjoy! I hope-- I know I won't be getting out of bed without my glasses this weekend. That's for sure. ;-) I am looking forward to a weekend of writing (unfortunately, some of that does have to be article notes :( ), reading, bow making, and hanging out with my family.

I want to catch up on my WIP, because I am behind. Yeah, I know, no surprise there. But I'm still focused on it, so even though I am behind it isn't the worst thing ever. I am desperate to get it done before Halloween, though, because the WIP that I started for NaNoWriMo last year is Halloween-themed and I REALLY want to finish it this NaNo.

I also want to read more-- I am in the middle of Speaking of Love by Ophelia London and I really want to get back to it. Plus, I have some parenting books checked out from the library that I want to finish. As for bow making, I have a few Halloween Orders to fill and I am working on stock for the KAC Christmas Fair. Today, I picked up some Christmas ribbons and I am looking forward to playing with them. I love making bows, so I don't really need an excuse.

Finally, and definitely most important (saving the best for last), Hunter has a football game and after we are picking up 'the Nemos'-- our two new clownfish which Hunter has named Scooby and Shaggy (the blue damsels already in the tank are Fred, Daphne, & Velma). Not only do I plan to read lots of stories to them and color loads, I want to see if I can convince DH to play a few rounds of Scooby Doo Clue with Hunter and I tonight.

So, that's my weekend, if I can fit it all in. What are you up to?

Treading Water

Monday, 23 September 2013

Well, here we are at the start of another week. Yay. And once again, I am painfully behind on the things I need to get done. Honestly, I was right on track until the littlest monster tried to blind me. 

I am teaching Bug to bump down the stairs on her bottom. She is getting to a point where she wants to do everything herself and she loves to climb the stairs, so I thought I'd better teach her a safer way to go down than walking. We are doing well with it, too. Then Saturday after I got her dressed, we started bumping down the stairs. She shifted too much weight forward, fell at me, panicked, and stuck her finger straight into my left eye. That'll teach me not to put on my glasses before leaving bed.

At first I just called for Steve to come get her so I could put a cold compress on it. It hurt like hell. Then after about 30 minutes of excruciating pain I realized that it didn't seem like I'd be able to see anytime soon. I couldn't take the pain (it made me physically sick) and I was starting to get scared. I shouted down to DH to tell him I needed to go to A & E. At A & E, they numbed my eye (bliss) and examined it. I have a massive oval-shaped scratch across my pupil and down the side of my eye. They gave me antibiotics, but sadly wouldn't let me bring any numbing drops home. So when the pain returned, I doped myself up on codeine and went to sleep. Saturday was a blur. Literally.

Sunday, I could see better, but not well enough to read or focus on the computer screen, so my writing has fallen behind again. I think I am going to write off this whole week as far as article targets are concerned and instead just catch up my research and notes like I would have this weekend so I can start next Monday fresh. There just seems to be so many things on my to-do list lately that I don't stand a chance of getting them all done.

That in itself has got me thinking. On my 30 Day Challenge, I have identified three goals. I am supposed to be completing two tasks a day towards these goals, but looking at my to-do list, not a single task is going to help me reach these three goals. It may be time to rethink my to-dos. Again. 

Anyone else find that they are treading water instead of swimming lengths?

Make The Call

Friday, 20 September 2013

So, I'm sat here in the car waiting for Hunter to get out of school and trying to knock a few things off of my to-do list. This is one of them, and it's going to be short, because I still have loads to go. (I took a cheeky nap with the cat while Bug slept instead of working-- don't tell!)

It has been a long, stressful week. I am full of flu and I lost my favorite uncle two nights ago. I still haven't taken that in. I keep getting teary at the worst times and pushing it back. I can't remember the last time I spoke to him. I hope he knew that I loved him and that the world just doesn't seem right without him here. But enough of that, again this isn't the time. The other mothers are looking at me sitting in my car, listening to Dixie Chicks, wiping tears from my eyes, with worry. Best not to scare the locals.

Instead, I leave you with this: pick up the phone. Make the call. Tell someone you love them.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, we meet again...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Honestly, I am starting to think there is nothing worse than Monday mornings. The knowledge that not only do I have to get up and dressed, I also have to get the monsters up and dressed is enough to make me crawl under the covers for good. Add to that the fact that winter is undeniably on it's way-- in other words, it was stupidly cold this morning-- and I just have no interest in getting up. But I have to. So, I did.

Today, I am trying something different. Today Scarlett started nursery on Mondays. She usually goes Tuesdays half a day and Thursdays a full day, but having her home I find I cannot accomplish anything these days. I decided to see if putting her in for the day would mean I could write my necessary articles for the week in one go and make myself enough money to cover the extra fees and get bills paid off a bit quicker. Also, less writing at night means more time with the family. I'd like to say its going good so far. Kind of.

So far, I have done the notes for five articles and even written and submitted one. Then the submission site went down. Yeah. So, I am pausing to write this, because I don't really have time to write anymore articles today-- part of the football kit in the dryer (need to find the rest of it), need to get to the store to get food for tonight, blah, blah, blah... If I had done the notes BEFORE today (they are on my to-do list for Sundays) I would have had no trouble completing three, four, or even all five.

I'm not giving up, though. I'm going to pack my notes and my computer in case I have any time around the store, nursery pick-up, school pick-up, football, or coaching. Otherwise, looks like I'll be writing until late tonight. That will teach me to leave the notes until Monday.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday The 13th

Friday, 13 September 2013

It's Friday the 13th. Yay. I woke up with a banging headache and sore throat. Double yay. The hubby is working all weekend, so even though Hunter has his first football game followed by a performance for three of my teams Saturday and I have to teach tumbling on Sunday, it looks like I'll still be dragging both kids with me all weekend.Triple yay.

However, I am pleased to announce that I am officially halfway through my WIP. That feels awesome. I do plan to work more on it tonight after the kids are in bed. This morning, though, I fully intent to push my to-do's (any that I truly don't have the energy for) to next week. Honestly, it's not that I want to shirk my duties, just that I am soooo exhausted. As soon as Bug gives in to nap time, I'm heading back to bed myself. There's a little reading I'd like to do. Or I might just steal a nap myself.

Ah, Hello Friday

Friday, 6 September 2013

Well, here it is, the end of the week. Finally. And I am beat. Now if only the kids would let me sleep past six tomorrow morning it would be a miracle.

It has been a busy, but productive couple of days, but you will be pleased (and probably amazed) to hear that I am still working on my bucket list. I haven't even looked at the mead making yet, and probably won't for a while yet, but everything else is under way.

Today I wrote three articles-- yes, three! That in itself is something of a miracle. With that done I can get onto my WIP. I am STILL on chapter 6, but I WILL finish it today so I can move on. Plus, my friend Sophie wants to read it! So, yes, I am still working on the 'finish a book' goal.And, although I don't want to get into it right now, I have had a little more initiative to get it done and start my next project.

My mini ocean is up and running. Thanks to the addition of three blue damsels, it is a bit green at the moment, but I've promised the little man a trip to the fish shop tomorrow for some 'Nemos' and a few snails to clean it up. Still haven't caught the elusive crab for his little tank, but I saw him this morning, so he's still kicking-- or maybe nipping.

And yesterday I started my Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. I've started a new blog (yeah, as if I needed another) to talk about it so I wouldn't bore anyone here. You can find it at:
Christy Kate Gets In Shape if you are interested. So there's another goal in progress.

It's about time to pick up Hunter, though, so I need to knock one more thing off of my to-do list for the day and head out to get him. Gotta go. Happy Friday, everyone!!

Here We Go Again

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Well,  I'm behind again.  I know you aren't surprised. The good news is that I have been able to catch up before, so I can and will now.  Hunter started back to school today  (yaaayyyy!!!!) and tomorrow I go back to work,  well to the office anyway, I've been working from home all this summer. It's time to get back to my beloved schedule!

To be honest, I am not too far behind in everything else,  only my WIP has suffered.  But even so,  I  have written more this summer than I expected. So today's to-do list has 9 things on it. Two are blog posts -- this one and a new blog I started recently more for fun. I doubt I'll get around to the fun one today with more important things on my plate. Not to mention the fact that I'll have to go get Hunter from school in a few hours then cook dinner and celebrate my hubby's birthday. 

And so,  I better get to work. I absolutely must write one article,  finish a chapter, and edit three chapters in the next two and a half hours.  Wish me luck!

It's 10 am!

Monday, 2 September 2013

It's 10 am and I'm still in bed!  Of course, I'm chasing Hunter from my bedroom,  but whatever.  Scarlett did wake up earlier,  but I think she decided to go back to sleep since no one got up to play with her.  This never happens. In fact, my hubby has just asked me if the little one was still alive. I told him that I think so, but I don't want to check just in case I wake her.  It's so nice and quiet for a change.

Today, I plan to stay in my pj's as long as possible,  write a lot, and maybe bake some.  I'm dreaming about my favourite muffins with a cup of coffee. I'm behind on my schedule for my WIP (imagine that) so I need to try and catch up. I also have to write a couple of articles. What I wouldn't give for a day to do nothing. But,  mommies don't get time off.  So even if I didn't need to write, I wouldn't get to relax all day. 

Oh well, might as well get this day started.  I'm going to go visit the fish and find that recipe.  And see to the baby that DH just woke and walked away from. Happy Monday!

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