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Monday, 5 August 2013

I started a post early today, but my iPhone deleted it, so here we go again. Today's post was all about how overwhelmed I am at the moment and how I just don't know how mothers manage to work, write, and raise the monsters-- God knows my monsters have driven me crazy all day long. I didn't even get to sit down to write until my eyes were nearly closing and now I'm blogging in bed, hoping I don't pass out before I finish.

No, kids are certainly not conducive to writing for me. Bug has been running fevers and vomiting, so that's always fun, but for the last two days she hasn't had either a fever or been sick, instead she has just cried nearly non-stop. She cries to be picked up, I pick her up, she cries to be put down. She cries to get on the couch, I help her onto the couch, she cries to get down. You get the idea. And, of course, Hunter is his usual ADHD, difficult self with a little added bratiness which has caused him to wind up Bug at every possible chance. Yes, today has been fun.

The only good to come out of today (aside from the fact that I am almost asleep) is that today I sent off my first requested partial. That's right! The partial that was requested in the Harlequin Intrigue Fearless Pitches contest is now sitting in the editor's inbox.

God, that's scary.

I'd like to think I did my best, but honestly, with the amount of stress I've been under this week, I just hope I spelled my name right. So, I'll let you know what comes of it, but it might be a while before I hear. I plan to get to work finishing the book, but not tonight. Tonight, I need sleep.

Goodnight all!

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