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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How many personalities are too many personalities?  Or in other words, how many pseudonyms can a writer have? Now,  don't get me wrong, I have heard of writers who have written under ten or twenty different names, but that just seems like too much work. 

I do wonder, though,  if I need another one...  Or two even.  I already use Christy Kate McKenzie.  It's on this blog,  my website, my Facebook,  my Twitter-- everywhere.  It's the name I plan to use when I finally write my magical realism stories.  It's also the most fitting name for my small town romances,  but it just doesn't seem right for my intrigues.  Back when I started writing with the goal of being published in both the Harlequin American and Intrigue lines I thought I'd have a pseudonym for each line. 

I still think I need a different name for romantic suspense,  but now I'm wondering if I need to separate my small town romance from my magical realism. My favourite author,  my idol really,  published one book with Harlequin before she began to publish magical realism and she used two different names. 

Now, I know that I am putting the cart before the horse here.  I am not published.  In fact, I have only just had my first request for a partial. But I am confident that I will be published eventually,  even if I only self-publish. My time will come and I want to make sure that I am going about this right.  There is so much importance these days on branding and platforms,  it is vital to get it right from the start.

I am torn.  Part of me thinks that I should separate my romance from my magical realism to appeal to a larger audience; part of me thinks I should use the same name for both to lead romance readers to my non-category work.  I also have three pseudonyms already to go should the need arise.

So,  my question is this: Do I write intrigue in one name and everything else in another and do I also choose a third to separate the romance from the magical realism?  Anyone have experience with this and willing to chime in?

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