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Saturday, 17 August 2013

I have one more week of summer camps!! Yay!! Maybe after that I'll ge some time to really write.  It's not that I haven't written anything,  just not nearly as much as I would have liked to.  Mostly because I have been working 69 hour weeks and coming home to do hospital work,  then crashing.  But soon I'll be back to normal work, Hunter will go back to school,  and my Mondays and Fridays will go back to being MY days.

In preparation for this,  I have started to redecorate my office at home with things that remind me of home and of my goal of moving back to NC,  or more specifically to he Outer Banks. Soon my office will be really beachy!  I  bought some great pictures and have picked our a light.  Just need some new curtains. I need to start using my office again.  I have been so tired that I have moved the computer into the bedroom.  I'm getting a bit done,  but not as much as I could if I didn't just want to sleep.

Once I get it done (and clean-- it has become a bit of a catch-all),  I'll post some pictures.  Until  then, here's my favourite piece so far...

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