Donuts for dinner...

Friday, 30 August 2013

..  Because sometimes you just have to. 

It has been a long and busy week for me.  My boys have been traipsing all over England and Scotland while Bug and I have had five straight days of cheer.  Well,  to be fair,  Bug only had three,  she's spent the last two at nursery. 

What I wouldn't do for a day to do nothing.  It won't happen, though, the boys come back tomorrow and I have a party I want to go to.  Not a wild, drunken party, of course, a house warming.  My days of drunken parties are long over.  I also have to clean out Hunter's fish tank and go have the water tested in mine.  By the way, getting a marine tank was such a wonderful idea.  I love it!

So another busy day awaits me tomorrow. Then there's coaching on Sunday and the start of another full week.  So tonight,  now that Bug has stopped throwing up and fallen asleep,  it's wine and donuts for dinner.  You know you're jealous.  ;-)

Girls Only Week

Monday, 26 August 2013

Well, DH left yesterday with the oldest monster on a boys only road trip. It could have been a family vacation, but I couldn't get the week off from coaching. Well, that isn't strictly true. I could have taken time off from my gym, but Thursday and Friday I am coaching another team and I couldn't reschedule that.

So, Bug and I are home alone. It might have been fun if I wasn't working every day. But I am. So, even though I have a friend coming to stay for a couple of days and we plan on drinking a fair bit of wine, making bows, and watching girly movies it is still going to be a very long week. Not to mention, school starts next week, so I need to get school uniforms ready. And right now on my to-do list is 7 items long-- all writing-- about 14k words worth. Speaking of work, I should get back to it...

Bucket List

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Okay, there are a number of things I have always wanted to do in my life. Honestly, most of them are things I just sigh and say 'maybe someday if I have the time/money'... You know the drill. 

Four stand out above the rest right now and with my 38th birthday only a few weeks away, I have decided its time to start ticking some boxes. What are these crazy four things? Well, they aren't really all that crazy.

1. I want my very own mini ocean (aka a nano reef fish tank) for my office. As a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist. Well, not at first, at first I wanted to be a mermaid (still do, lol). Unfortunately, I followed some well meant advice and went into the medical field. So, I'll have to settle for a marine aquarium.

2. I want to get back in shape. This isn't really a bucket list type goal, but still something I intend to start on ASAP. My hubby has put my treadmill back up, so I can get back on it! Also, I have decided to start the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. I'm actually looking forward to the cheap, easy meals.

3. I want to start brewing mead. This one may have to wait until Christmas, since the first one has cleared out my bank account. I've been wanting to brew and collecting reciepes (my magical realism WIP is even about the owner of a meadery) forever, but I'm willing to wait just a little longer. 

4. I want to finish a book-- or more accurately 5. Now, I'm not delusional. I know it takes time and I have to actually sit down and write (both of which are a struggle with two kids and two jobs), but I am going to do it. 

Okay, these aren't really 'before I die' sort of things. I'm thinking more along the lines of before I turn 39. And I am already hard at work to make them come true. I have been writing a chapter a week for a few weeks now, I have already worked out how to add exercise to my week, and last night I won a marine reef tank on eBay!

Are they things I need to do? Not really. But I am tired of thinking that I will be happy when we move home. Why should I wait? Hell, at the rate things are going, we may not get to go home. I've been putting off my happiness until a day that may never come. Not any more.

What is something you want to do that you have been putting off because of time or money?

Split Personality

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How many personalities are too many personalities?  Or in other words, how many pseudonyms can a writer have? Now,  don't get me wrong, I have heard of writers who have written under ten or twenty different names, but that just seems like too much work. 

I do wonder, though,  if I need another one...  Or two even.  I already use Christy Kate McKenzie.  It's on this blog,  my website, my Facebook,  my Twitter-- everywhere.  It's the name I plan to use when I finally write my magical realism stories.  It's also the most fitting name for my small town romances,  but it just doesn't seem right for my intrigues.  Back when I started writing with the goal of being published in both the Harlequin American and Intrigue lines I thought I'd have a pseudonym for each line. 

I still think I need a different name for romantic suspense,  but now I'm wondering if I need to separate my small town romance from my magical realism. My favourite author,  my idol really,  published one book with Harlequin before she began to publish magical realism and she used two different names. 

Now, I know that I am putting the cart before the horse here.  I am not published.  In fact, I have only just had my first request for a partial. But I am confident that I will be published eventually,  even if I only self-publish. My time will come and I want to make sure that I am going about this right.  There is so much importance these days on branding and platforms,  it is vital to get it right from the start.

I am torn.  Part of me thinks that I should separate my romance from my magical realism to appeal to a larger audience; part of me thinks I should use the same name for both to lead romance readers to my non-category work.  I also have three pseudonyms already to go should the need arise.

So,  my question is this: Do I write intrigue in one name and everything else in another and do I also choose a third to separate the romance from the magical realism?  Anyone have experience with this and willing to chime in?

Still going... Barely.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Two more weeks of summer vacation.  I don't know what to think about that.  Part of me is desperate to get Hunter back to school; part of me is dreading going back to work.  Although,  it should be less stressful than the last few weeks of summer camps.  God,  shoot me if I decide to open camps to the general public again. Seriously,  just put me out of my misery.

To top it off,  I have spent all of my time at camp and working on cheer stuff and my WIP so I am dangerously behind in my real work.  And my boss asked today if I can get it to her by Friday.  Ahhh!!  It looks like it's going to be a long week.  Unfortunately, I am also behind in my WIP by one chapter.  But with the new work deadline I may just have to leave it behind  and catch up in a few weeks.  On the plus side, I haven't had any mommy melt downs lately. So that's something I guess.

I'm going to run now.  I have to work on my WIP a bit more  (I've already done all I can on my real work today without going mad).  If I can just get through one more scene I'm going to reward myself with a little crafting time-- I made a pattern for a mermaid doll for Bug ( okay,  I'll probably make one for myself as well)  and I'm anxious to cut out the felt!

Until,  Wednesday!!

Decorating a room like home...

Saturday, 17 August 2013

I have one more week of summer camps!! Yay!! Maybe after that I'll ge some time to really write.  It's not that I haven't written anything,  just not nearly as much as I would have liked to.  Mostly because I have been working 69 hour weeks and coming home to do hospital work,  then crashing.  But soon I'll be back to normal work, Hunter will go back to school,  and my Mondays and Fridays will go back to being MY days.

In preparation for this,  I have started to redecorate my office at home with things that remind me of home and of my goal of moving back to NC,  or more specifically to he Outer Banks. Soon my office will be really beachy!  I  bought some great pictures and have picked our a light.  Just need some new curtains. I need to start using my office again.  I have been so tired that I have moved the computer into the bedroom.  I'm getting a bit done,  but not as much as I could if I didn't just want to sleep.

Once I get it done (and clean-- it has become a bit of a catch-all),  I'll post some pictures.  Until  then, here's my favourite piece so far...


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Today I look like I've wrestled with a fairy! I am covered in glitter!

I set up a rack at the gym yesterday and added some bows to it and today I spend the morning glittering flip flops. I must admit it has been great fun. I have to coach tonight, but tomorrow I'm going to make loads of little bow clips to sell with the flip flops. It's been nice doing some crafty stuff in the middle of all of these 69 hour work weeks. 

I'm still writing, too. I've made it my goal to finish a chapter a week until its done. That seemed like a realistic goal, even with everything else going on. Eight chapters to go!

Never enough time...

Monday, 12 August 2013

As usual, there just isn't enough time in a day. Today, I worked a 13 hour day at the gym, with BOTH of my kids in tow. Surprisingly, Hunter was awesome today; Scarlett was a brat. But, we all got through it alive. Then I came home and started hospital work, of which I have only just now finished. Or maybe I should say put away for the night-- I'm not sure I am ever going to finish it!

And still there are five things on my to-do list for today. At this point I plan to do three before I crawl into bed: this blog, wash the bottles, and check my list of level 1 stunts for the stunt manual I am writing. Then I can sleep. At least, until Scarlett wakes up in the night. God, I hope she sleeps through. I have to be up at 6am tomorrow to start a 14-hour day. Tomorrow, I will be taking the kids home. I'm not going to keep them out so late.

I think we did okay today. On the Mommy front, that is. Aside from Bug being a mischievous monster most of the day, I didn't yell as much as usual. Of course, I got nearly no work done. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be okay...

I want to go home...

Friday, 9 August 2013

I'm at work. And honestly, work isn't so bad. It's just that I really want to go home and make pretty bows. I'm making a load of hair bows and flip flops to sell at the gym and the first load of flip flops arrived today. So naturally, I have lost all desire to do anything actually resembling work. I just want to make bows.

Oh, and edit chapter 4 of my WIP. I really do need to get on with that.

Instead, I am working. Sigh...

Polka Dots and Data Sets

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Well, it's official. Bug has a nasty virus. That came with a nasty rash (she is now the polka dotted princess) and an absolute refusal to sleep. She was up until 4am the night before last and 5am last night.

Meanwhile, I have data sets to populate for my real job. And I'm spending my days at cheer camp. I'm not having fun at camp, mind you, my 8 hours there today consisted of trying to keep Bug happy & away from the other kids (she is no longer contagious, but she's highly susceptible to everyone else's cooties) and doing accounting. I don't think that's anyone's idea of fun.

What will be fun-- if the kids ever go to sleep and I ever get my data sets done-- is finishing Chapter 4 of my WIP. This is the one I sent the partial off for yesterday. Or Monday maybe. I don't remember. Anyway, I can't wait to get back to it. 

So, I better get off of here and get some data retrieved (thrilling) so I can get back to the steamy streets of New Orleans.

Happy writing!

Take Two

Monday, 5 August 2013

I started a post early today, but my iPhone deleted it, so here we go again. Today's post was all about how overwhelmed I am at the moment and how I just don't know how mothers manage to work, write, and raise the monsters-- God knows my monsters have driven me crazy all day long. I didn't even get to sit down to write until my eyes were nearly closing and now I'm blogging in bed, hoping I don't pass out before I finish.

No, kids are certainly not conducive to writing for me. Bug has been running fevers and vomiting, so that's always fun, but for the last two days she hasn't had either a fever or been sick, instead she has just cried nearly non-stop. She cries to be picked up, I pick her up, she cries to be put down. She cries to get on the couch, I help her onto the couch, she cries to get down. You get the idea. And, of course, Hunter is his usual ADHD, difficult self with a little added bratiness which has caused him to wind up Bug at every possible chance. Yes, today has been fun.

The only good to come out of today (aside from the fact that I am almost asleep) is that today I sent off my first requested partial. That's right! The partial that was requested in the Harlequin Intrigue Fearless Pitches contest is now sitting in the editor's inbox.

God, that's scary.

I'd like to think I did my best, but honestly, with the amount of stress I've been under this week, I just hope I spelled my name right. So, I'll let you know what comes of it, but it might be a while before I hear. I plan to get to work finishing the book, but not tonight. Tonight, I need sleep.

Goodnight all!

Another Quickie

Friday, 2 August 2013

No time to blog today.  I'm working (no surprise there)  and I have  polish my partial and write the synopsis.  Too much to do and not enough tim to do it in.  So instead of a long post,  I'll leave you with the blurb for my WIP tht I'm working on the synopsis and partial for...

Jilted bride, Maddie, doesn't trust men... especially sly, sexy ones like New Orleans homicide detective, Remy. But when she realizes her prophetic dreams are FORETELLING MURDER, she must trust him to help him catch the killer. Remy has always prided himself on staying one step ahead of the bad guys... and anything resembling love. He doesn't think that his feelings for the fiercely independent and infuriating, Maddie could be anything more than physical attraction. When Maddie's gift makes her next on the killer's list, both must face their fears about taking risks, trusting each other, and falling in love.

What do you think?

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