Summer Camp and Other Disasters

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

So today was the first day of summer camp. Not that I have the luxury of sending my little monsters off to camp, mind you. Oh no. Instead, I am actually hosting the camp. Yeah. It sounded like a good idea at the time...

It would have been fine if we hadn't had a torrential rainfall which burst a seal on a drainage pipe and flooded reception. The same reception that has only been carpeted a little over a week and has only been open exactly a week. One minute we are doing paperwork, the next we realize we are sitting in our very own lake. Now see, if we had known we could have added swimming and canoeing to our list of daily activities.

So between camp and our regular practices, I worked 14 hours today-- all the while looking after my kids (no easy feat, I tell ya). Then I came home and wrote and article. I do feel very accomplished.

But, now I need to head off to bed. Six am comes really early when you have to get two kids ready and out of the house by seven. And I have twice as much on my to-do list for tomorrow. Night all!

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