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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Here comes another quick post. I bet you didn't miss these, lol. Anyway, I just want to be able to make this off my to-do list ASAP, so I figured I'd give you a quick overview on my day today. Yesterday wasn't bad. I told my coed team that we are dropping the Sunday practice (that less than half show up to anyway) until further notice, so that means I will only work 1:30-5, instead of 1:30-9:30. Yay! Progress! I also bought some balls, coloring books, and games to play with the kids while I wait for practice to begin. I'm trying to reclaim some of that quality time I seem to have lost with them.

I have to coach tonight, so once I pick Hunter up at school, I won't have any 'free time' (what the hell is that anyway?) for writing until after 11pm. I don't think I'll have much energy to write or do anything else, really, so I'm going to try to shove some in now. In between lunch and laundry, of course. My little Miss is playing nicely with her Disney Princess castle in her room. I think. I mean, she is awfully quiet so she may have baby powdered her room again, but who cares-- I'm going to get some work done.

Yesterday I came up with a plan to complete 4 of my WIPs in next year-- August to August. There isn't a chance I can do much before August with everything else going on. Really I could do with starting in Septemeber after Hunter has gone back to school, but my birthday is September 10th and I really hoped to be finished with this self-imposed challenge before then. I'm also starting slow with my articles again. I am aiming to do 5 a week for the first few months then up to 10 (where I was before) and maybe even 15 (which I was able to do some weeks). This will help get me out of university debt and keep my bills paid on time which will make life a little less stressful. Now I just have to really do my best to make it work. I may need to stock up on coffee and chocolate!

Anyway, I've got to run. I want to squeeze in an article before I leave to pick up my monster. That way I can do some plotting in the car while I wait for him to get out. Happy writing, everyone!

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