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Monday, 18 March 2013

No, I haven't died, I just have very little time these days. The last three or four weeks have been a real trial.

First off, my little cheer and dance program doubled in size over the course of two weeks which means we've out grown the church hall and need to find a building of our own. It also means it's time to treat it as a business, so that gives me even more work to do each day.

Then the landlord who we haven't been able to contact in 2 years (not even when the heat stopped working years ago or the bathroom started leaking into the kitchen below) showed up out of nowhere to tell us that she is dying and wants the house back.

And now we've found a new house, but today I had to give away my beloved dog because it's no pets allowed (I'm smuggling the cat in. I will not lose them both.)

Stress has me exhausted and near the breaking point, but I'm pushing through. Unfortunately, I'm just not writing right now. I'm too far behind on everything else-- work, coursework... The good news is that in the next house I won't be sharing an office, so maybe soon I'll get my act together and get back to writing. Until then, I need sleep.

Night all.

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