Friday? Where?

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Yesterday was such a blur, I honestly don't know where it went. All I know is that I spent a fair bit of money on ribbons. Which, of course, made me very happy.

Tomorrow I'm going to start using some of them. At the very least, Scarlett needs some Valentine Bows for this week. I would have loved to make some today, but first I had to organise my stash and that has taken days. In fact, I'm still not really done with it. The idea is to make bows for Bug and then put pictures on a web site to sell some. But I can't even come up with a good business name right now.

That's a problem for another time. I've just put the baby to bed and since it's the weekend Hunter will be up a while yet, but after I finish this post, I plan to fix myself a cup of tea, wait patiently for the brownies DH just put in the oven, and get back to Valentine Bride. I am so far behind my targets for it (and even further behind on the 100k challenge) that I really need to light a fire under my...

I have kept up mostly with the notes. I've plotted out 2 1/2 of 4 scenes. First up I'm going to finish plotting that third scene then start writing! Because right now, the exhaustion of the day hasn't set in and with enough caffeine and chocolate I can get through at least one, maybe two, scenes.

Off to write I go!

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