Winter in the UK

Monday, 14 January 2013

Well, I'm sat here in front of the school half an hour early. Why? Because its the only way to get to park anywhere near the school and I am not taking the baby out in this weather. It is nasty.

A mix of snow and sleet settled over us late last night. Now I don't mind snow. In fact, I'm happy to have it-- anything other than rain! I am so sick of rain!! But, of course, this is the North West of England. There seems to be no such thing as a day without rain. Not lately anyway.

It was a tough weekend. Hunter had what I believe was Norovirus and so he spent 12 hours being sick. And DH worked Sat & Sun, so I was on my own trying to keep Scarlett away from Hunter and anything he came into contact with. All on very little sleep. Such a fun weekend.

Today it's back to school, he was fine after the 12 hours. And back to reality for me. The baby is still plagued with that horrible diarrhea, so she needs to see the doctor. I need to call my boss to plan my return to work (dreading that) and I need to book nursery for Scarlett. Hunter needs a haircut after school. And all I want to do is take my sore throat back to bed.

There are a load of house and writing related tasks to be done today, too. Oh, and I'll be refreshing my email a thousand times an hour. I emailed my synopsis to Harlequin last Monday and my mock site went in to on Friday.

Oh yeah, today is going to to be loads of fun.

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