The Adventures of Buddy

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I was ready to go. I was packing up the truck so I could take Bug on the early school run. You see, she naps in the truck for an hour in front of school and I write for an hour, or edit, or whatever. But, of course, the dog blew past me and went on an adventure.

He does this whenever he can sneak out, or just knock me out of the way. Buddy takes himself for walks. He can open doors and gates. He can even let the dog next door out to play. Clever dog. He always comes back about 15 mins later, but still..

So here I am sitting in the truck in the driveway (because Bug is ready to pass out) waiting for the dog to come back. I learned a long time ago that it's no use trying to chase him or find him. He sticks to the river bank where I can't drive and since it's raining I have no interest in walking with the baby through the mud. And in my experience, he's usually back before I get to the river anyway.

So, sorry today's post isn't really writing related. I'm too angry at the damn dog to think writing right now. If he hurries his furry ass up, I might just get to finish the read-through of my WIP before I pick up the monster.

Happy writing everyone!

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