Disappointment and Dismay

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I heard back from about.com today and unfortunately, the news wasn't good. I didn't get the job. I am devastated after all of the work I put into it. The last three weeks have been especially hard on my family thanks to the Norovirus and some other unknown gastrointestinal virus, both of which the baby is still suffering with. (She can't seem to get over the vomiting and diarrhea.) The work I did for the about.com evaluation was hard to do with added illness and responsibilities.

I want to cry. I am so disappointed. I really thought I had a chance since all the way through evaluation the editor complimented my work. She did give me feedback and based on that I have replied to her email asking if I can reapply if no one is chosen. Still, this was THE JOB. The one I needed to make my life easier and my dreams more a reality.

I know there will be other opportunities and that I should concentrate my efforts now on my fiction, but honestly, this stings more than all of my fiction rejections combined. That's probably why I'm blogging at five am. I can't sleep. What also scares me is that I am an expert in the topic I applied for. I'm not an expert at fiction...

So, it's back to the drawing board, trying to find a way to make ends meet now. I honestly have no idea where to go next. Still no word on the synopsis, so let's keep our fingers crossed on that. I am trying to polish the first three and move forward. Just need to get the wind back in my sails, so to speak. I need to forget the big R and move on... Maybe tomorrow. I haven't cried yet, although I told everyone I would if I didn't get the job. I still might. Especially since I'll be sleep deprived today with a sick baby. Always fun.

Happy writing!

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  1. Their mistake Christy. They missed an opportunity to take on a hard working , knowledgeable cheer expert/ enthusiast.
    Chin up . Get the baby sorted out and healthy. Draw a line under it all. Then use all the stuff you did for 'about' for your own book and site. I hate the cliche , but things happen for a reason... Maybe something bigger and better is ahead .


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