Back In The Saddle, Sort Of

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 Woolston, Woolston

This week Harlequin author, Donna Alward announced her very own pitch contest. So awesome.
And I'm back at it. This one isn't specifically a Harlequin contest, and won't necessarily lead to a contract, but the feedback (not to mention awesome first prize) is priceless. Plus, Donna is lovely. I've had the pleasure of chatting with her on Facebook and Twitter a time or two.

So, I'm back to romance. I'm also seriously looking at the submission requirements for Entangled. One way or the other, I WILL get published. Today I pulled out the blurbs for 3 of my WIPs, so it's just a case of picking two (she's okay with more than one, but it's probably too cheeky to sub all three) and polishing them by tomorrow night. They aren't due until Friday, but I'll be in surgery during the day and most likely off my face for the rest of the night. I also have an article and an essay due Monday, so it's going to be a busy writing weekend.

How about you? What are you writing this weekend?

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