Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Not much time to blog today. I have a very ill little boy off school (sleeping. now which really worries me) and a million things to do! On the plus side, any minute now UPS should be returning my data on a DVD from my failed hard drive-- Yaaayyy!!! Also, I spoke with someone in a very important position yesterday who is going to help my up my credentials so I can be more readily recognised in my field and publish the non-fiction manuals I've been working on for years now. Serious plus!!

So today I'm buried in paperwork and homework (another essay due soon) and coughing, hacking child. Not to mention my own coughing and hacking (he's a thoughtful boy, always willing to share with his Mommy). At least the baby hasn't started yet. I better get back to work, I'll be coaching soon. Which means going out in the cold. Ugh.

Stay warm, everyone.

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