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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Well, I am happy to report that I am still writing on the story I started for NaNo. Of course, I'm not writing steady again yet. I'm just trying to get through my mountain of sewing (play costume, stockings, Christmas dress, dog bed, scarf...) first. The incredible amount of time I spent writing in November (NaNo and my articles) left me with no spare time for crafty stuff and I'm desperate to start making pretty things again.

But I have written a bit more. Writing is quieter, less mess, and can be done in the car while sitting in front of the school. I'll need to step it up, though, since I entered the Harlequin Intrigue Speed Dating pitch contest.

Aaahhh!!!! What was I thinking?

I plan to pitch this story, so mostly I've been working on my pitch. Trying to boil this story down to 100 words is brutal. The plot is way too complicated for 100 words. This is why I didn't pitch it before. I'm writing a couple of different versions and I'll choose from them once I am done. I might post them here, haven't decided yet.

I will finish my NaNo story (late, but whatever) and pitch it in January!!

If you NaNoed, what are you doing with yours?

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