Santa, Neck Ties, & Nap Time

Monday, 3 December 2012

I have missed another nap time. Damn it.

I would have gratefully napped while Bug took her morning nap, but I had company and didn't feel I could. God, I wish I had. I am so tired and here I am waiting on the boy to come out of school. No chance of a nap now.

My house is a-buzz with excitement for the arrival of a certain fat guy in a red suit. Of course, everyone's house will be by now. Bug doesn't have a clue since she's so little, but Hunter is bouncing off the walls. There is so much going on it would be impossible for him not to be. Yesterday it was a birthday party (and last weekend), next week it's the football party, then the cheer party, then Christmas. And somewhere in all of that is the Christmas play and the school trip to the cinema. I tell you, it is a fabulous time to be five. Not so fabulous to be footing the bill, mind you.

But the little monster is worth it. He is such a funny kid. He has asked Santa to put neck ties in his stocking. That's right, neck ties. Which are stupidly expensive for children. Instead I'll be buying a load of men's skinny ties and shortening them. Good thing I can sew.

I need to run now, it's almost time for him to be released. I'll try not to miss any posts this week (last week was a bad one). Until Wednesday, happy writing or sewing or baking or whatever. ;-)

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