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Monday, 10 December 2012

I'm afraid I've been a bit of a meanie today. Bug, aka little brat, has pretty much given up sleep, so last night we were up every hour at least once. I'm not good without sleep. I'm nasty. And not in a way that thrills my husband. I'm just downright mean.

Add to that the fact that I skipped my articles in favor of going to the grocery store (bad move) and thanks to leaving the card for the account with the money in it at home, I had a pretty crap time and was nearly late for school pick up. So I came home and cooked for two hours-- literally-- homemade apple sauce, homemade scalloped potatoes,  country-fried steak (won't make that mistake again). Only to have DH complain that the meat was too oily and DS declare that it all tasted funny and that American food is icky.  Yeah. I nearly took my plate to my room to keep from telling them just what I thought of their opinions.

So here I sit, finally having finished my articles, enjoying a bowl of strawberry trifle and a cup of tea. Praying the baby sleeps at least a couple of hours tonight. Next stop is bed and hopefully a chapter or two before I drift off. I'm reading Jana Deleon's newest, The Awakening. I love her work.

I suppose I could work on my own story. Or the four things I didn't check off my to-do ist today (this is number five). But the real world has to close down for the night sometime. It's  nearly 2330. I think that time is now.

Night all.

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