Resolutions and Delusions

Monday, 31 December 2012

I just read my New Year's Eve 2012 post with all 10-- yes TEN-- of my resolutions.

What the hell was I thinking?

Ten resolutions, of which I kept none. God, I feel... well, I don't really know what I feel. As far as resolutions go, I am a complete failure, but otherwise I did see some pretty big accomplishments. Probably the biggest of all was giving birth to a long-awaited, and incredibly beautiful, baby girl.

I think its safe to say that things are better with regards to my family life. My husband and I are spending more time together and I have been able to spend more quality time with my son, not as much as I'd like, but its getting there.

As far as writing went, boy did I have some lofty delusions there. When I look back at those five resolutions I just want to laugh. I can't say whether I just didn't try hard enough or I set the bar too high, but I didn't really get close to those goals. I did attempt NaNo, I'm proud of that. I didn't win, but I write nearly 30k words, so I'm thrilled with that.

The New Year is full of writing possibilities. Recently I've been accepted into the evaluation for guides. I've still got a long way to go with that and I won't know if I actually got it or not until late January, but, honestly, it is a dream come true just to get into the first round. And I'm pitching to Intrigue on the 4th of January, so fingers crossed I get somewhere with that, too. All in all things are looking up on the writing front.

So what to do about resolutions tonight. At midnight we embark on 2013, what do I want to accomplish? Or, maybe I should ask what are realistic goals?

Sarah Addison Allen (my hero) posted on her Facebook today asking what three words describe your hopes for 2013. I like this idea much more than making resolutions. Of course, those three words mean a lot. They are hopes and dreams. They are plans and goals. They are wishes.

My three words are: Focus. Family. Freedom.

What three words would you choose for 2013?

Wine, Worry, And Whining

Saturday, 22 December 2012

So it's Friday again. Thank God! This week has been anything but fun, I have to admit. But thanks to some good news and the generosity of the people at DH's new job (who have sent home 4 bottles of wine and a very expensive single malt) it hasn't been such a bad Friday.

I haven't been really great about posting this past week thanks to a number of things. First off, in the run up to Christmas I am more stressed than usual. Being on half my pay tends to do that to me. Second, Hunter's little virus that took him down for a day has nearly killed Scarlett and I. We've even been to the hospital! It really has sucked. And third, I got the chance to compete for my dream job this week. Yes, the week I contracted the Black Death. Figures, huh?

What is this amazing opportunity, you ask? Well, at the risk of jinxing it, I'll tell you... Months ago I applied to be the guide for's cheerleading site. I wasn't really hopeful. I mean, sure, I'm a coach and sure I've been around a while, but I never even got considered when I applied for colon cancer and that is my career specialty. So, anyway, I applied and after a while, I stopped checking my emails.

I had almost forgotten when I got the email telling me I had made it into the evaluation program. And, of course, it came just as the Black Death was starting to get a grip on me. Suddenly, I needed to write three articles and two blog posts. And they had to be warm and engaging. And it was all I could do not to curl up in a ball and die. Seriously. I can't remember the last time I was this sick. And a puking, fevery, whining eight-month-old only adds to the joy of a deadline. A few times I started to email a withdrawal to the editor.I just couldn't write.

So, the deadline was Wednesday night. Really, I just had to make sure the content was in my editor's mailbox by the time she started work Thursday morning. I was up until 2:30am on Thursday morning-- doped up on Sudafed and sucking down hot toddy's. I was certain the copy was a mess, but at least it was in on time.

Somehow, miraculously, I have made it to the next stage. That's the good news. The bad news is that now I need to write loads more and use their web tools to publish it to a mock site for a final evaluation n January 11th. Web tools which I can't really make heads or tails of.

Oh, and I signed up to pitch to Harlequin Intrigue. Again. Before I found out about this thing. I need a pitch ready for January 4th.

Part of me is terrified that I have jinxed my chances by telling you. Part of me dreads the embarrassment of coming back to tell you I didn't get it. So, why am I telling you? Because I probably won't post to my normal schedule. Hell, I might not post at all over the next couple of weeks. And I know at least one of you out there knows how awesome it is that I have even gotten this far. I don't think DH really gets it. And I would never turn down support, of any form, so if you have any experience with or if you just want to say 'hang n there', or say a prayer for me, it will be greatly appreciated. I can't even begin to explain what getting this job would mean for my family.

So, I'm taking a chance. I'm putting it out there. I'm hoping for prayers and crossed fingers and a hell of  a lot of good luck. Now I'm off to finish this celebratory bottle of wine before the baby wakes up (again).

I'll let you know how I get on.

Drive-By Friday

Friday, 14 December 2012

I had all of these brilliant ideas of posts for Fridays, but I'm afraid they'll have to wait. I only have time for a drive-by today. I'm sick today (little man was kind enough to share the plague with me) and I'd kill for a nap, but instead I'm sat in front of the school waiting for my monster.

Something fairly major has come up (I'm afraid to jinx it so I won't give you the details just yet) which means I'll probably miss a post or three in the next few weeks. I apologise in advance.

Now I must rush off to read about HTML and anxiously check my messages for three very important replies. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Not much time to blog today. I have a very ill little boy off school (sleeping. now which really worries me) and a million things to do! On the plus side, any minute now UPS should be returning my data on a DVD from my failed hard drive-- Yaaayyy!!! Also, I spoke with someone in a very important position yesterday who is going to help my up my credentials so I can be more readily recognised in my field and publish the non-fiction manuals I've been working on for years now. Serious plus!!

So today I'm buried in paperwork and homework (another essay due soon) and coughing, hacking child. Not to mention my own coughing and hacking (he's a thoughtful boy, always willing to share with his Mommy). At least the baby hasn't started yet. I better get back to work, I'll be coaching soon. Which means going out in the cold. Ugh.

Stay warm, everyone.

Bad Mommy

Monday, 10 December 2012

I'm afraid I've been a bit of a meanie today. Bug, aka little brat, has pretty much given up sleep, so last night we were up every hour at least once. I'm not good without sleep. I'm nasty. And not in a way that thrills my husband. I'm just downright mean.

Add to that the fact that I skipped my articles in favor of going to the grocery store (bad move) and thanks to leaving the card for the account with the money in it at home, I had a pretty crap time and was nearly late for school pick up. So I came home and cooked for two hours-- literally-- homemade apple sauce, homemade scalloped potatoes,  country-fried steak (won't make that mistake again). Only to have DH complain that the meat was too oily and DS declare that it all tasted funny and that American food is icky.  Yeah. I nearly took my plate to my room to keep from telling them just what I thought of their opinions.

So here I sit, finally having finished my articles, enjoying a bowl of strawberry trifle and a cup of tea. Praying the baby sleeps at least a couple of hours tonight. Next stop is bed and hopefully a chapter or two before I drift off. I'm reading Jana Deleon's newest, The Awakening. I love her work.

I suppose I could work on my own story. Or the four things I didn't check off my to-do ist today (this is number five). But the real world has to close down for the night sometime. It's  nearly 2330. I think that time is now.

Night all.

Still Writing....

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Well, I am happy to report that I am still writing on the story I started for NaNo. Of course, I'm not writing steady again yet. I'm just trying to get through my mountain of sewing (play costume, stockings, Christmas dress, dog bed, scarf...) first. The incredible amount of time I spent writing in November (NaNo and my articles) left me with no spare time for crafty stuff and I'm desperate to start making pretty things again.

But I have written a bit more. Writing is quieter, less mess, and can be done in the car while sitting in front of the school. I'll need to step it up, though, since I entered the Harlequin Intrigue Speed Dating pitch contest.

Aaahhh!!!! What was I thinking?

I plan to pitch this story, so mostly I've been working on my pitch. Trying to boil this story down to 100 words is brutal. The plot is way too complicated for 100 words. This is why I didn't pitch it before. I'm writing a couple of different versions and I'll choose from them once I am done. I might post them here, haven't decided yet.

I will finish my NaNo story (late, but whatever) and pitch it in January!!

If you NaNoed, what are you doing with yours?

Santa, Neck Ties, & Nap Time

Monday, 3 December 2012

I have missed another nap time. Damn it.

I would have gratefully napped while Bug took her morning nap, but I had company and didn't feel I could. God, I wish I had. I am so tired and here I am waiting on the boy to come out of school. No chance of a nap now.

My house is a-buzz with excitement for the arrival of a certain fat guy in a red suit. Of course, everyone's house will be by now. Bug doesn't have a clue since she's so little, but Hunter is bouncing off the walls. There is so much going on it would be impossible for him not to be. Yesterday it was a birthday party (and last weekend), next week it's the football party, then the cheer party, then Christmas. And somewhere in all of that is the Christmas play and the school trip to the cinema. I tell you, it is a fabulous time to be five. Not so fabulous to be footing the bill, mind you.

But the little monster is worth it. He is such a funny kid. He has asked Santa to put neck ties in his stocking. That's right, neck ties. Which are stupidly expensive for children. Instead I'll be buying a load of men's skinny ties and shortening them. Good thing I can sew.

I need to run now, it's almost time for him to be released. I'll try not to miss any posts this week (last week was a bad one). Until Wednesday, happy writing or sewing or baking or whatever. ;-)

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