Friday, 23 November 2012

To all of my friends and family back home, today is Black Friday-- the day of massive sales-- but to me it's the day before Thanksgiving. Since there is no such thing as Thanksgiving here, but it is one of my favorite holidays, I cook a feast on the Saturday. My mother-in-law always comes and from time to time we have other random guests. This year it's my nephew, who has just started university in Liverpool.

I started prep last night since I needed to start cooking today (our oven is crap and takes days so it's best to do anything I can in advance. Of course, this meant that Bug had to get up a gazillion times in the night. So here we are in the car in front of Hunter's school. She's napping and I'm blogging. It's one of those days when I'd kill for tinted windows so I could steal a few minutes of sleep myself.

This morning I made two loaves of banana nut bread, one pecan pie, two pumpkin pies, and homemade green bean casserole (I make the mushroom soup from scratch and boil fresh beans). Then I cleaned the kitchen, which after multiple pie crusts dramas looked like I let a two year old loose with a bag of flour, and the toilets and headed out to the school. This is the first I've sat down, and it's in the car (fail).

I'm praying that the little man did well on his spelling test today because if so I can buy him a pack of Moshi Monsters. I have to go to ASDA anyway, so he'll be begging for one, fingers crossed I can let him have it, rather than listen to him wail all the way through the store. Sadly, I went to ASDA on Tuesday. Yesterday I had them deliver. And today in back again. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Right this second, I'm torn between my desire to read, my need to write, and my temptation to close my eyes for just a second. I wonder which will win out.

Happy Black Friday!

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