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Monday, 12 November 2012

I love Thanksgiving and I love all of these statuses I've been seeing on Facebook about what everyone is thankful for. I would have loved to do it, but I didn't catch on to it until now. I suppose I could start now, or try to catch up, but with everything else I have going on right now, there's no way I'd be able to keep up.

I have so much to be thankful for right now. Even though we have had the worst time of it lately with DH being made redundant, sick kids, and losing the house in North Carolina. Not to mention all of the little hurdles we cross daily.

Mostly I am thankful for my husband and my children. Through all of this stress and worry, I can still safely say that I am just as in love as I was the day we were married. And although the doctors said we couldn't have children (and we lost 6 in trying) we now have two beautiful, perfect children. I couldn't really ask for anything more.

I do miss my family, though. More than usual at this time of year. I will make a big Thanksgiving dinner-- even though it isn't a holiday here-- and my mother-in-law will come, but it just isn't quite the same as being surrounded by a big, noisy family.

It is the holidays at home that i miss the most. There just doesn't seem to be as much cheer here. And its not me, I am not going anti-UK on you or anything, I've had people here say the same thing. I honestly am dreaming of the day we can come home. I am dreaming of hosting Thanksgiving at our house, with my mom and Scarlett helping me cook while my dad snoozes on the couch and Steve and Hunter watch football.

For a while there I thought we might be looking at a Carolina Christmas. That seems unlikely now. In light of everything, I have to be thankful that we will be able to give the kids a Christmas. It was looking less likely a week ago.

But I'm not giving up hope. I will spend the holidays at home eventually. Right now I am aiming for trick or treating with my parents next year. After the crap weather and serious lack of people giving out candy, my dad has promised to take Hunter out and not come back until they've filled a pillow case!

So for now, I am thankful for my family and the little blessings-- like the 30 seconds Scarlett wanted to cuddle today before she spotted my laptop (she's a gadget girl). And I'm thankful I can give my children happy holidays and a wonderful childhood. No matter what continent we are on.

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